Prime Electro

clean room for diode production, located in Turin
Production of a diodes module

Short Description of the application (use case) within the EnerMan framework (max 5-7 lines)

The process of making the laser diode for the production of high-efficiency lasers is the key technology that is analyzed and developed within the EnerMan project. The main purpose of the PE use case is to develop a high efficiency laser source for the optimization of the metal additive manufacturing process.

Description of the Key Competencies related to EnerMan (max 3-5 lines)

The skills of the PRIMA ELECTRO team lie in the development and production of high-power electronic and laser components (with the Convergent brand) for the PRIMA INDUSTRIE Group and for external markets. The Convergent Division is strongly vertically integrated from the fiber laser to the optical components: this includes the internal production of high-power diode lasers, the technology of which is based on a new diode plant located in Turin.

This project received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation program under Grant Agreement n° 958478
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