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EnerMan Project will enable joint knowledge sharing and workshops with critical stakeholder community. Enhance collaboration also between entities outside of the Project consortium as part of the model of European open innovation and open science.

On this page you can discover more about the EnerMan stakeholder expeditions and scroll down to register as valuable stakeholder.

Two types of participation available and valuable to EnerMan stakeholder community

As an informed stakeholder you will receive newsworthy learning  resources

  • Be the first to receive written project research outputs.
  • Participate in EnerMan events and virtual workhops
  • Receive updates on developments in the field of Energy and Energy System Management

As an involved stakeholder you will also co-learn and co-shape & participate in workhops

  • Distribution system operators (DSOs) / EU Commission / Energy Service Company / Standardization Bodies / Governmental bodies (auditor) – Strengthen science policy interface and ensure relevance of research outputs
  • End-user (Industry companies) – Sharing technical expertise and potential contribution of resources to project.
  • Energy Management hardware & software developer-provider / Energy Storage System Provider/ Academicians / Associations / Incubator/ Start-up Accelerators/ Investor Platforms – Better access to available data, potential contribution of resources and expertise to project.

Choose one of our journeys that fit with your organisational profile

Each of these journeys will start in July 2022 with a range of offered activities that will continue across the EnerMan project. More information about community is available here (note that we reserve the right to change the activity plan over time). Stakeholders that register will receive specific activity announcements and quarterly updates. If you register as an involved stakeholder we will evaluate and confirm your place as soon as possible.

Join the EnerMan Stakeholders Community!

This project received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation program under Grant Agreement n° 958478
Get more Information: https://cordis.europa.eu/project/id/958478

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