Dresden fab in Germany
Production of semiconductor

Short Description of the application (use case) within the EnerMan framework (max 5-7 lines)

IFAG contribution in ENERMAN is through the development of a high-tech use case of an energy-optimized global virtual factory. The energy efficient virtual factory will be built using a simulation software called Anylogic which will simulate the manufacturing network of IFAG.

Description of the Key Competencies related to EnerMan (max 3-5 lines)

The simulation will be supported by energy historical data from IFAG wafer fabrication facilities. This simulation can be used to test different scenarios such as energy consumption scenarios and prepare a good basis for decision-making based on ecological as well as economic factors which is referred to as Energy Sustainability in ENERMAN.

This project received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation program under Grant Agreement n° 958478
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