Short Description of the application (use case) within the EnerMan framework (max 5-7 lines)

1 – Smart Energy Management System (EMS) that is able to predict process consumption in order to avoid energy drifts and losses, able to give notifications alarm and to do feedback actions. This system will be based on the improvement of the existing monitoring tool with ML, AI algorithms on a central server that processes data from field. It would be appropriate to develop specific low-cost acquisition meters as an alternative to the current expensive commercial ones.

2 – Predictive BEMS (Building Energy Management System) for the control and regulation of environmental indoor heating of the working areas. This system will be based on data provided by a network of temperature meters for elaboration with ML algorithms.

Description of the Key Competencies related to EnerMan (max 3-5 lines)

The skills of CRF are about coordination, research and engineering consulting about industry 4.0 and energy topic. CRF team has the know-how on consumption of the plant related the process production line and industrial buildings for analysis of energy efficiency solutions.

1 – Degreasing tank and Base topcoat Air Handling Unit for process utilities control

2 – Industrial workshop building for environmental heating control

This project received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation program under Grant Agreement n° 958478
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